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Berkswell sheep's  milk cheese is hand made at 16th Century Ram Hall, situated on the edge of Berkswell village from where the cheese takes its name. Berkswell is located 5 miles west of Coventry in the heart of England. The Ram Hall range of ewes' milk cheeses form part of the growing number of speciality cheeses made by artisan cheesemakers in the British Isles. The popularity of farmhouse cheese and cheese making has risen rapidly over the last twenty years and Berkswell is at the forefront of the revival.


The very first Berkswell Cheese was made following a traditional cheese recipe but soon evolved into something with its own unique identity, since this start, two soft cheese recipes have been developed at Ram Hall, Marlow and Kelsey Lane, both soft, mould ripened cheeses.


Sheep dairying in the U.K. has been a useful form of farm diversification for a small number of dedicated producers. In 1989 sheep milking began at Ram Hall with our own flock of Friesland (or East Friesian) and Friesland x Poll Dorset ewes, which has now grown to 900. Ewe's milk is excellent for making quality cheese, with higher solid content than cow's and goat's milk. It also har properties, which allow it to be eaten by people with intolerances or allergies to dairy products.


With the growth in popularity of artisan products and artisan cheeses, the huge range of British farmhouse cheese rivals any of the well-known cheese producing countries of the World.