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Accessibility - Using this site with screen readers


Accessibility Explained
Website accessibility could be defined as being the process by which a web page is created or modified in order to become more accessible to people with disabilities. These modifications follow the guidelines set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).


Put simply, an accessible web page is a page that disabled people will enjoy visiting as much as non disabled people.

In order to achieve website accessibility compliance, particular attention should be placed on:

- providing alternative text for important images
- assigning a null value to the decorative images with no purposes
- using labels for your form elements and information in your input boxes
- allowing the visitor to change the size of the text
- providing an alternative way of navigation other than the mouse
- ensuring that links make sense out of context



Most modern browsers support access keys. To use these shortcuts press 'Alt' and the letter at the same time for: