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Autumn Diary


Autumn sees a busy time as we begin the cultivations for, and the planting of, our winter barley and wheat crops. We grow around 10 acres of winter barley and 150 acres of winter wheat. All the work is done by us using our own machinery but contractors apply autumn herbicides and lime if required. The latter as applied to fields that need their soil pH adjusting.


Another important job that involves outside help is the harvesting of our forage maize crop. This is cut and clamped by the same team who cut our grass silage and is just as important in the winter ration for the sheep. Maize silage is high in energy and is great for pregnant and lactating ewes alike.


The last of the ewes are dried off by the end of September and it is only six to eight weeks before the early lambers start lambing to begin the new season all over again.


These ewes are housed and sheared before they lamb. Winter shearing is important for housed ewes; it makes them far more comfortable and raises their appetite, which in turn benefits the growth and development of their unborn lambs.


On the cheese front, every autumn sees the holding of The British Cheese Awards where we get the chance to compete for coveted titles and sell our cheese direct to the public.

Also, biennially we attend the Slow Food Cheese Festival in Bra , Italy . Here we get a fantastic response from a very discerning Italian public