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Cheese Making - Page 1


Berkswell cheese is made in small vats. The milk in the vats is warmed and a 'starter culture' added (which develops the lactic acid in the cheese) it is left for a period of time for the acidity to build up; an essential part of the cheese making process.


Then a vegetarian rennet (diluted with water) is added, which causes the milk to coagulate; the milk soon sets to resemble the texture of blancmanche and is now referred to as the curd.


After a further period the curd is cut into pieces and is heated further, ('scalding'); during this process the curd is stirred. When it is at the desired consistency and temperature, the curd is removed from the vat and the moulds filled. The 'whey', the liquid that separates from the curd is the waste product of the process. (Although this can be used to make ricotta, it is also a useful feed for pigs)!