Ram Hall Farm
West Midlands


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The House


Ram Hall is a grade II listed building, which was built in the sixteenth century; sadly to date very little information has been found about the history of Ram Hall.

However there are a number of interesting features of the building.


It was built as a 'moated farmhouse'; the moat although not the same size and shape exists as a large pond at the rear of the house and its original shape can still be detected in the relief of the lawn.


The house is constructed of red sandstone, with later repairs and building work in brick.

Behind the heavy, oak, nail-studded front door, which might remind you of a church door, lies an old, dark oak staircase leading to the first floor, where one of the bedrooms contains a 'Priest-hole' behind a fireplace. The words 'Cheese Room' were revealed on the door of a further bedroom when the door was stripped; unfortunately no accompanying recipe was found!


There are large stone fireplaces in two ground level rooms, one of these in the original kitchen has small salt drying cupboards set in the walls on either side; and there is a meat-smoking cupboard adjacent to the chimney accessible from the hallway.