Ram Hall Farm
West Midlands


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Milk Production


In order for there to be a supply of milk to the cheese dairy, a ewe must give birth to begin her milking cycle. Her lactation will last for approximately 250 days.

At Ram Hall the flock is divided into two groups; 200 ewes lamb in January, the remainder lamb in late March. They are housed in straw yards and shorn 8 weeks pre-lambing. Their diet consists of a mixture of grass and maize silage.


Concentrate feed is introduced 4 weeks prior to lambing in order to maintain a high nutritional status in late pregnancy. All their dietary requirements throughout the year are calculated by an independent professional nutritionalist.


All concentrate feeds are sourced from non G.M products, and feed ingrediants have been tested for G.M by Polymerase Chain Reaction ( PCR ) testing. All feeds are certified PCR negative. None of the feeds contain ingrediants of a mammalian origin.