Ram Hall Farm
West Midlands


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The Sheep


Ram Hall runs a flock of 350 homebred Friesland ewes. The Friesland ewe has two important characteristics;


a) High milk yield: this is a result of her ability to have large litters of lambs.

Individual ewes are capable of giving birth to up to 5-6 lambs, however 2 3 are more common.

Her superb mothering abilities ensure successful rearing of such large numbers of lambs.


b) Placid temperament: few breeds of sheep could cope with the twice-daily routine of machine milking and the constant human contact. Friesland sheep are incredibly greedy and the opportunity to feed in the milking parlour is one not to be missed!


Friesland sheep show true dairy character. They have a large lean frame, good depth and body capacity, as well as being milky and placid.